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August 16, 2023

Dear Johns Hopkins Club Members:

Members have been asking about the Johns Hopkins Club, so I offer this brief update.

The University has let us know it is moving forward with developing plans for the renovation of the Club building. The scope of planning and funding for the projected multi-million dollar renovation is significant and will take time.  The University assures us it intends to provide an appropriate modern facility and we will be welcomed back as a tenant once the building is ready for occupancy.

In this interim, the Club continues to offer the monthly book circle and to maintain reciprocal agreements with some other Clubs. Also, the Club continues to welcome new members, in spite of its current status.

The Club leadership has been on the lookout for new opportunities that do not require use of the building. In that regard, I am pleased to write that the Suburban Club has offered social membership to our members during this time. Here are the details below.

  1. Family Social Membership  - Dues of $349.00 per month with a $1200 yearly food minimum, a one-month assessment not to exceed one month's dues, waived initiation fee of $3,500.
  2. Single Social Membership-Dues of $279.00 per month with a $600 annual food minimum, a one-month assessment not to exceed one month's dues, waived initiation fee of $3,500.
  3. Use of the Suburban Club facilities for private events, with no membership required. 

If you are interested in membership (including discussing a Golf membership) or in scheduling a private event, please contact Michael Zak, General Manager, (410) 608-6712,

I look forward to what the future holds for the Johns Hopkins Club and I hope you will too.


Rev. Christopher Dreisbach, PhD.

President, The Johns Hopkins Club

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